Monday, July 9, 2007

The Famous Green Laugh

Do you ever have those moments when your mind just goes blank? Obviously, I do! The main point of the Green Laugh is not so much that green is a delightful colour, which of course it is, but that we are all human and therefore eminently fallible. In such a situation, the only thing to do is laugh! Hence the Green Laugh. Laugh every day. Laugh for no reason. Laugh your stress away!
And in case you're wondering, I later thought of frogs, broccoli, grass, mint, asparagus, cat's eyes, US paper currency, algae, Granny Smith apples, shamrocks, peas, bell peppers, spinach, kelp, pears, unripe oranges, lettuce, absinthe, moss, pond scum, snot, ivy, Christmas trees, limes, leaves, plants, lizards, snakes, celery, artichokes, slime, Jell-O™, LifeSavers™, emeralds, jade, leprechaun clothing, chromakey fabric, Dr. Seuss' Green Eggs, cabbages, caterpillars, grasshoppers, and Gumby!

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